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Other Species

Other species caught inshore include but are not limited to Barracuda, several types of Jacks, Snook, Bonito, Mackerel, African Pompano, Bluefin Trevally, Rainbow Runners, Shark, etc. Contact Us

0 Marlin


The “lady in the blue dress” or Blue Marlin are the most common of our Marlins and cruise our cobalt waters all year. This species can easily approach 1000 pounds and because of it’s power, size and persistence, this fish is the most highly prized for most anglers. Marlin can be found from the southern part of Costa ...

0 Roosterfish


The species most sought after is the Roosterfish. Twenty-five to fifty pound fish are very common. Available all year, but there are more caught in the Papagayo Bay area from November through March. That may be because more boats in the northernmost area of this region are fishing inshore during those windy months, ...

0 Tuna


Yellowfin is the main species. The big boys, those 20 to 100 pounds can test your back any day of the year if you are lucky enough to come across a school of porpoises offshore. The big Tuna swim with them and the feed on the same baitfish. “Football” size tunas hang around floating debris or peak in schools in July ...

0 Sailfish


Perhaps the most acrobatic of all blue water fish, this beautiful fish, spending more time in the air than in the water during the fight, is not as powerful as the marlin, but always spectacular. Double and triple hookups are not uncommon. Our Waters are considered to be THE center of the action, from April to August, ...

1 Dorado


Also known as Dolphinfish or Mahi Mahi, the Dorado is one of the most exciting fish to catch on light tackle. An extremely colorful fish, Dorado are extremely fast swimmers. It’s estimated they can reach speeds of 50 mph. Look for them under trash lines that accumulate during the rainy season (roughly May to ...

0 Wahoo


The wahoo is a loner and when traveling with other wahoo it’s usually only a school of five or six. The fish can be found anywhere in the ocean but does seem to concentrate during the summer off of Costa Rica’s Pacific coast. Considered a relatively rare species, the wahoo is usually caught while the angler is looking ...

0 Snapper


There are many species of snapper. Each fish is a shallow water fish preferring a rocky bottom structure that provides bait fish and protection. The Cubera is the largest of the snappers, often going beyond 60 pounds . The dog snapper is the largest of the Pacific snappers with the world record of 78 pounds held by a ...