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This tour includes hanging bridges to see the forest and beautiful animals, a visit to the butterfly garden, humming birds, lunch and a “coffee tour”. Monte Verde Cloud Forest is a wonderful combination of nature that was founded by the Quakers and located in the highlands of Santa Elena in Monte Verde. Traveling to this park you will see cattle farms and a small village surrounded by pine trees as well as the Monte Verde cheese factory that supplies all around the country.


It is an area that is well known for its good weather. When you reach the entrance to the park you will be impressed by the density of the forest and the tropical weather in the area of the park. At some time during the hiking it may rain or turn completely cloudy. A rain coat may be necessary. During the hike your Tour Guide will give you a briefing on some of the medicinal plants and different species of birds in the area.
This park has some of the richest flora and fauna in the world. It offers a large variety of nature with lots to explore and to do.
Departure time: 6 a .m. returning at 7 p.m.
What to bring: Hiking shoes-long pants-light rain coat-extra clothes, hat/cap and a camera.

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