The species most sought after is the Roosterfish. Twenty-five to fifty pound fish are very common. Available all year, but there are more caught in the Papagayo Bay area from November through March. That may be because more boats in the northernmost area of this region are fishing inshore during those windy months, and the roosters like the structure of the shoreline and islands where they are found in 50 to 60 feet of water.


Fishing Roosterfish is the new tendency

Roosterfish is a beautiful first classs fish in sport fishing.

A roosterfish average is of 45 pounds which represents a challenge of 30 to 55 minutes for the fisherman with very impredictible movements like the Marlin. Many fishermans discovered the Roosterfish by recommendation of the Captains and now they are huge fans of this amazing fish.

Every Roosterfish represents a new tale because is a unique experience. We hope that you tell us your story very soon.

Rooster Fish forever 

In Costa Rica, and of course here at Golfo de Papagayo we practice the fishing with release technique. We request to our clients to take pictures as fast as possible, so we can return the fish into the water safely. The idea is to preserve the specie for the future. In fact, the Rooster fish is also protected by the Costarican legislation. The roosterfish is a permanent predator it has more muscles than fat, flesh is hard and not appealing to eat. It is very clear to us that it has more value for sport fishing than for food. We can proudly say that none of our sport fishing Capitans kills roofish. Therefore, we believe that we will enjoy forever the roosterfish.


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